Sustainable Investments in Farmland

Environmental, Social and
Governance considerations

Gunn Agri Partners adopts industry-leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices in our approach to agricultural asset management. We recognize that building sustainable businesses requires a continuing focus, commitment and the integration of key ESG principles into business decisions.

There is a need for institutional capital to flow into agriculture and Gunn Agri Partners is committed to implementing industry leading ESG principles in the management systems of our investors’ assets. Managing assets is often made more challenging due to the long distances of assets from management teams and large scale of the operations.  ESG considerations will ultimately improve how farms are operated, resources are allocated and stakeholders are treated.

To provide investors confidence of our ESG systems, Gunn Agri Partners adopts the following frameworks:
1. Principles of Responsible Investment; and
2. Global Good Agricultural Practices.